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Genuine Inc.

Is it the Genuine Article?

Product: Genuine
Company: Genine Inc.


Genuine wanted to redefine the authentication of collectibles and memorabilia. Fraud and counterfeiting make it difficult to differentiate articles from genuine items. This can lead buyers to overpay for fake items or unknowingly buy counterfeit goods.

Authentication ensures that the item is genuine and not counterfeit, which can significantly increase its value. But the process can be difficult and time-consuming.

The Opportunity

Create a DIY authentication app that validates a real-life object's memorabilia status and tokenizes it on the blockchain. By minting NFTs (non-fungible tokens), collectible owners can ensure provenance and solve the fraud problem.

The Big Deal

Democratizing authentication means anyone can access methods for authenticating collectibles, and tying them to the blockchain provides an unprecedented level of legitimacy and security.

One could film a celebrity autographing an item and attach the video to the NFT’s provenance. That history will then follow the item and prove its uniqueness.

The Plan

After researching the user’s journey and business objectives, we defined features that would be successful for an MVP (minimum viable product).

A UX/UI design was created and refined.

The Outcome

A concept prototype was developed with detailed wireframes for the mobile app and website. This process allowed teams to explore design concepts, iterate on ideas, and test variations before launching.

Highlight Real

  • Research and Design
  • DLT/Blockchain
  • UX/UI
  • Web3

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