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If Your Equipment Could Talk, What Would it Say?

Product: MyKubota
Company: Kubota


Kubota Corporation is a global manufacturer of construction equipment, engines, vehicles, and agricultural machinery. It is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and has been in business since 1890.

The company produces various products ranging from small tractors to large commercial excavators and other heavy equipment. Their powerful machines are used worldwide in farming, mining, forestry, and construction industries. Kubota also offers innovative services such as remote monitoring systems for their customers.

The Opportunity

Kubota was dissatisfied with their customer-facing app. They required an improved mobile experience with multi-language support for their growing community in North America, and they wanted to reduce the recurring annual spending on telematics data.

The Big Deal

Leveraging telematics real-time data to provide comprehensive field support for customers. Users can view current battery, fuel, and fluid levels, establish geofences for their machines, and have the capability to calibrate them.

Call Outs

  • Remote monitoring of your Kubota fleet
  • Diagnostic equipment histories

The Plan

In order to bring data collection and stewardship in-house, Kubota contracted InMotion Software to diagnose their app’s issues, improve the design and give them a product that their users could find value in.

We began the process by performing an onsite moderated research study. The output of this study enabled a design thinking workshop, and from there, we were able to redesign the iOS and Android app experiences in a meaningful way. In addition, we successfully migrated the Android app to native from Xamarin.

We developed a proprietary telematics data solution that Kubota owns and hosts as well as a new mobile experience that better serves their customers - owners, operators, and dealers - with enhanced communication and multi-language support. We continue to build new features and support new development efforts.

The Outcome

We were able to improve efficiencies using swarm servers and automating systems to improve load times, expand environments, and save costs.

The client was able to move from dependence on third-party licensing to their own app with all ownership of their data and more features while costing less than their previous annual licensing fee.

Highlight Real

  • Research
  • UX/UI
  • Innovation
  • Mobile Development
  • Telematics
  • Staff Augmentation

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