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iClicker and Achieve

InMotion has worked closely with Macmillan to build the next generation of iClicker replacing custom hardware with mobile and web clients synced in the cloud. The instructor client, developed for both Mac and Windows, pushes presentation data to the student’s devices for polling and quizzes with over 1,100+ institutions using iClicker on a regular basis.

After the successful deployment of iClicker, Macmillan started utilizing other InMotion personnel within their business for app/web development for a variety of products and continues to be a trusted partner.


Built telematics
myKubota iOS and Android App

Kubota utilized InMotion to create next generation versions of their mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

The myKubota app is a companion for Kubota equipment owners that gives them the ability to proactively maintain and care for their equipment.


Sluice iOS and Android app

Sluice was the brainchild of InMotion Software sensing a hole in the market for work assignment integration, job communications, proof of work, and report completion in a single application.

From iteration through research and design to production and sales we developed a proprietary blockchain backend with data integration filling a hole in the market ultimately selling the platform to a respected market leader.


H-E-B Pharmacy iOS and Android app
H-E-B iOS and Android app
H-E-B Curbside iOS and Android app

H-E-B utilized InMotion services to develop several applications for their customers, including taking their 1-star existing mobile pharmacy app and turning it into a 5-star pharmacy app (with over 17,000 ratings). InMotion accomplished this by utilizing user research and design throughout the development cycle, working with customers to determine the best workflow for the app as it was developed.


Skipcart iOS and Android app

Skipcart is a national, on-demand delivery platform start-up giving retailers and restaurants the power of same-day delivery and drivers the freedom to choose their own schedule. We delivered an on-demand platform providing last-mile delivery for all retailers and restaurants currently offering a Curbside or Pickup solution but lacking same-day delivery.

InMotion was asked to build this platform to allow individuals the freedom to choose their own schedules and make deliveries in the communities they already live-in.


InMotion partnered with Levelhead to enhance their platform which provides engagement platforms utilizing mindfulness-based micro-lessons. We originally engaged to improve performance and to update libraries that had been in use since the original version of their app.

Today, we fully support and maintain their web and mobile platforms to ensure that their systems scale as their business grows.

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