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Your Web Design Layout Matters

If you’ve hired a web design and development company in, you may be asked whether or not you have an idea for a layout. Although a good designer can assist you in this creative decision, it can be useful to have a basic understanding of where you’d like certain features to be placed. For instance, if you’re planning on having a search bar, do you want it on the top right corner, the bottom of the page, or perhaps on the side? Considered to be the finer details of the site, they do impact the overall user-navigation, compatibility, and success. 

A Layout Should Appeal to Your Customers

A TX web consulting company aims to develop layouts which appeal to your target market. They enhance your objectives and goals as well as, the aesthetics within the site. When discussing web design, layout planning has a primary role because it’s exactly that which makes the site stand out.

When you’re considering your web design layout, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What screen resolutions could my customers be using?
  • What information do I want users to see first?
  • What will my visitors most likely expect from my website?
  • What color combinations would match my company and its goals?
  • What visuals may I want to use on the site, and where?

With these answers in mind, your web design and development company may be able to create one or more mock layouts to help you make a decision for the final look. 

What Not to Include in Your Web Design Layout

Your web consultant company will understand the technical side of design and know which coding protocols should be included or avoided in the layout of your site. There are a few measures you can also take to avoid creating a layout which will more than likely turn users away for good. Some of these mistakes include: 

  • Way too much stimuli from visual graphics, videos, or sounds
  • Clashing colors which strain the eyes (i.e. purple text on a red background)
  • An overuse of website sections which lead to clutter
  • Features which are difficult to navigate to, or hidden within the site
  • Forgetting the most important features of your service or product

A clean, smooth layout should entice the user into browsing around the site in further detail. They should be comfortable and ready to come back for more. Without these things, you may not only lose one visitor, but you could hinder the overall success of your site. 

InMotion Software Can Help With All Your Design Needs

You don’t need to be creative or possess an eye for design to have a website developed. We can help you to determine which type of site is best suited to your goals and objectives. Through careful consideration and listening, we can assist in creating a layout which attracts, inspires, and leaves a lasting imprint. If you would like to know more about our web development and consulting services, please contact us today.