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Research & Design

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Research & Design

Design & Strategy Workshops

Design Thinking can cut production time by 75% and reduce defects by 50%. We offer targeted workshops and design sprints for every stage in the cycle, from vision casting and discovery to post-launch empathy and prioritization.


Qualitative User Research

Every hour of research typically saves 10 hours of engineering. We include both generative methods to define new solutions and evaluative methods to test existing solutions. Our toolbox includes journal studies, ethnographic studies, user interviews, persona development, journey mapping, card sorting, tree tests, baseline and benchmark studies, and usability testing.


Art Direction & Visual Design

To give life to your vision, we provide custom iconography, illustration, and animation.


UX & Product Design

UX is the backbone of the product experience architecture. We use research methods like persona and user journey analysis to map the information and experience to user needs. As appropriate, we map interaction patterns to established OS-specific standards or innovate delightful new ones.


User Interface Design

We make elegant and delightful user interfaces for all platforms. For enterprises, we also create and support robust design systems, style guides, and typography systems.


App Redesign

We’ve taken 1-star apps to 5 stars. For app remediation projects, we start with a baseline study to diagnose the issues, prioritize the opportunities with client stakeholders, and iterate through lo-fi to hi-fi solutions, validating along the way.


Innovation Roadmap

Through competitive analysis and workshops, we help you evaluate your opportunities and prioritize your roadmap.


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is essential to modern iterative development. We start with lo-fi clickable prototypes and progress to hi-fi prototypes to maximize velocity and keep projects on target.


Usability Testing

Usability is the single largest component of NPS for digital products. We offer usability testing as a stand-alone service and as an integrated element in a design phase.
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