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Pharmacy at Your Fingertips

Product: Pharmacy App
Company: HEB


HEB Pharmacy currently serves customers in more than 340 stores in Texas and Mexico. InMotion was brought in to analyze the existing application to determine possible reasons for low adoption and a poor usability score.

We documented several hundred enhancement opportunities and ultimately made a recommendation to create a new pharmacy application separate from the larger general application.

The Opportunity

Create better prescription adherence. Studies show that taking medications as prescribed can improve outcomes for patients’ health and well-being. More revenue when prescriptions are filled predictably.

The Big Deal

HIPAA’s restrictive security requirements require users to reestablish tokens constantly. Using native mobile OS security and API integrations, we were able to vastly improve the user’s experience.

Call Outs

Enhanced customer benefits
  • Tailored functionality to identify pills
  • Medication contraindication tools
  • Schedule reminder
  • App works independent of connectivity and time-zone changes

The Plan

We introduced H-E-B leadership to our process of design thinking. We included key stakeholders in weekly user testing. As we validated our designs, we redesigned the entire application, including backend systems.

Our embedded team of software engineers worked alongside their own developers and created the foundation framework for future applications.

We were able to build consensus within H-E-B as we worked with their Pharmacy and Marketing departments and various other stakeholders.

The Outcome

Working with the client’s desire to get it done right, we developed a custom mobile application in a phased approach, starting with an MVP launch followed by a multi-year product roadmap that we fully supported with Project Management, Mobile Development, Back-end Services, QA, UX Research, and Design.

The improvements made from iterative design and extensive user testing raised the app rating from 1 star to 4.7 stars.

Highlight Reel

  • Payment Integration
  • Business Analysis
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Project Management
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Cloud Services
  • API Design
  • Release Management

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What Our Fans Say


Best pharmacy app

“Best pharmacy app hands down. Just a few taps and I’m don[e]!”

DeathMetaldbhApp User

Efficient and Effective App for Prescription Maintenance

“This is one of the most efficient and effective apps that I have downloaded.“

HeLives!App User

Love the app

“I absolutely love the app and the ease of refilling medications.”

K_TebbettsApp User

So convenient

“It’s so easy to use and so convenient and keeps all your information in one place.”

Eyeswideopen361App User

Simple to Use, Helpful & Quick

“This app is easy to use. The prescriptions are easy to find and refill. This app is right at my fingertips and makes it so much quicker and easier. I love it!”

DLBKApp User

Thank God for this app.

"Thank God for this app. I’m a hopeless case when it comes to refilling prescriptions via an automated system/in person because it always seems like I never have time for it. Thanks to this app, I don’t have to make time for anything, I just need to do it. Not only that but it shows my prescription history (going back YEARS) & it shows me how much I'll have to pay out of pocket before I even get to the store. It’s a great resource to utilize, I would highly recommend it for any H-E-B pharmacy customer."

AshleyApp User


“The new app is so easy to use. It makes things so easy to refill your scripts.”

Lucky8254App User