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Doing Deliveries the Right Way

Product: Skipcart
Company: 7-11


Skipcart is a national, on-demand delivery fleet that provides last-mile delivery service for retailers and restaurants currently offering curbside or pickup solutions but lacking same-day delivery.

InMotion was asked to build a platform to allow individual drivers the freedom to choose their own schedules and make deliveries in the communities they already live in.

The Opportunity

Construct a driver app to improve delivery performance, connecting the right offers with the right drivers in time and creating a driver’s experience that surpasses competitor apps.

The Big Deal

Allows restaurants and retailers to compete in the delivery/take-out market space without needing their own drivers and pay fewer fees to third-party delivery providers.

Call Outs

The proprietary blockchain backend technology is extendable to many remote workflow applications.

The Plan

We conducted extensive user interviews to define user pain points that helped wireframe and prototype a design with very easy-to-read elements and layouts with minimal interruptions to driving.

Leveraging Google’s On-Demand Rides and Deliveries Solution (ODRD) toolkit, we used an authentication method to implement real-time location tracking across the fleet of drivers, opening the doors for better predictive analysis of future locations of the driver pool. Calculations for not just where drivers are now but where they will be when an order is scheduled to be ready for pick-up. This greatly improved the offer acceptance rates and enabled us to send offers to drivers who are already on a current delivery (accept your next offer) as well as group multiple deliveries (order batching) into a single route.

The Outcome

Skipcart got the application it always wanted. It is visually pleasing—clean, and easy to use. Fleet management has been transformative to the business, and the in-app navigation has improved aggregate delivery times while maintaining measurements for driver safety.

Driver selection has dramatically improved as well. Application analytics have shown that drivers are staying busier as drivers are able to leverage batching and do more deliveries by accepting queued orders even before they complete their current deliveries.

Key success metrics include driver acquisition/retention, the total time between request and delivery, the average time between delivery offer and acceptance, the percentage of offers rejected/accepted, delivery completed per driver, cost per delivery, and the number of deliveries per hour.

Highlight Reel

  • Payment Integration
  • Business Analysis
  • Google ODRD
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Project Management
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Workforce Management
  • Modernization

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What Our Fans Say


“Skipcart is focused on accelerating our technology roadmap during this period of rapid change in the last mile delivery market. Working with InMotion Software has been key to that acceleration as they bring a team of highly-skilled and experienced mobile development professionals that can quickly deliver. InMotion has modernized our development processes and introduced best practices that enable us to deliver high quality mobile apps for our drivers.

Patrick WaltherCTO of Skipcart