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InMotion Software

Channeling Remote Workflows

Product: Sluice
Company: InMotion Software


Having previously founded and sold a tech company in the real estate space, InMotion Software co-founder and CEO John Howard identified a strategic deficiency with real estate appraisals.

Lenders would find that the lag time between ordering an appraisal and receiving it created a vacuum of information. There was no status on the work completed, and it opened the process up to fraud.

The Opportunity

Improve the efficiency of information flow with a remote mobile workforce and develop an app that users can use with their mobile phones that sync data entry in a secure format.

The Big Deal

Ability to work online or offline. Multiple users can perform related tasks, and using cryptographically signed information, Sluice is able to resolve version conflicts, prevent fraud, provide proof of work, and report completion in a single application.

Call Outs

The proprietary blockchain backend is extendable to many remote workflow applications.

The Plan

Extensive user industry research on how the workforce typically tackles the assignment.

Design native iOS & Android apps integrated with the customer back end, providing a mobile workflow management suite for scheduling, dispatch, data collection, and reporting.

The Outcome

Sluice handles everything from task assignments to cryptographically signed information harvesting to final data merges. Every feature and flow is built on the backbone of extensive user research. Over time Sluice has evolved into an adaptable framework capable of accelerating any remote workflow project.

The product can be white-labeled to extend to other remote workflow applications.

Highlight Reel

  • Mobile Development
  • Workforce Management
  • Research
  • UX/UI
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • DLT/Blockchain

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