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"We need a new 5-star app!"

Skipcart Corporation, 2022

iOS & Android

Every other delivery app was created for the end-users ordering take-out, or a grocery run.  Skipcart is designed for drivers.  It is dangerous enough just being on the roads everyday, so we made this app extremely easy to use without any extra confusion.

Delivery drivers want just one thing;


The main section of this app scans and searches the local area for new deliveries.  The system offers each job to the nearest driver with current availability.  Offers are limited-time only.  Drivers can accept or decline any offer presented to them.  Declining too many will lower the driver's rating and Skipcart will eventually stop sending offers.

Simple & Clean UI

Visually, this app needs to be extremely simple & very clean.

Custom Design System

Initial art directions were proposed and the final design language is a beautiful combination of all the best elements from each look-and-feel.  We stuck close to the original brand of Skipcart.  Dark blue was the original base color.  We shifted the main color to white, and the lighter, more vibrant blue is now an accent color.

In-app Navigation

We need to type something here about in-app navigation and being the first to do it.

Safety First

Although we encourage drivers NOT to use the app while actually driving, we did introduce larger fonts and larger buttons in an effort to minimize screen-consumption time.

Once we learned that drivers are actually interacting with the app while they're on the road, it became a priority to present these screens with very-easy-to-read elements, layouts and designs.